The following Programs are now available in our tuition scholarship scheme for both undergraduate and post graduate students:

Scholarship Provider is in a strategic alliance with Caribbean Scholarship Network to providing high quality education for students, especially those of African Origin without much financial burden.

We shall seek applicants with demonstrated strong drive and desire to succeed and who are able to focus on the considerate and the charitable aspects of their various professions. We encourage institutions to actively engage students in the community welfare programs, as no society can survive without social welfare services.

Medical Students and their Clinicals

72 Weeks. Countless Patients.
Attending Medical School can be prodigious. If you’ve been putting your ambitions on hold, it's time to stop waiting. All you need is the right educational path & people who believe in you to help you realize your dream of becoming a great physician. A journey of a thousand miles, begins with a step; make a step today with  Scholarship Provider by following all the necessary instructions. Vigorous Schedules. One Degree. Countless Opportunities. During the clinical clerkship years, students are required to complete a minimum of 72 weeks of core and elective clinical clerkships in the various  teaching hospitals such as  the United States where they are normally assigned.

Academic Intakes, Admissions And Visa

Our full tuition  scholarship program is usually conducted once in a year.Academic intakes depends on the strenght of the institution.While some institutions admits 3 times a year,some admits once in a year.Students who are eligible in either our full tuition or partial scholarship program can be admitted for any of the available academic intakes;January intake,May Intake and  September intake.Students are free to choose any institution of their choice but in any case,those who need our support regarding admission will need to make a special request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,there is a guaranteed Visa support service for all our eligible students.

Why Scholarship Provider?

Making your impossible dream come true.

Most successful students  who have shared their experience never believed the possibility of their success.To some a magic and to some a dream come true.Scholarship Provider is here to make your dream a realistic one through our tuition scholarship offers.Students are advised to always follow instructions as timely submission and quality documentations could guarantees the success of their  application.

Campus Life

Many nations,one voice.

We believe that international students should be provided every opportunity to succeed academically and socially while studying in any country approved by our Network.The International Student Life unit's mission is to cultivate community and support networks among international students.Students are usually encouraged to associate with the student union of the school to enable a formidable force that can protect their interest whenever the situation so demand.


  • Medical Students and thier Clinicals
  • Academic Intakes, Admissions And Visa supports
  • Why Scholarship Provider?
  • Campus Life

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Study Medicine in the Caribbean


Admissions in Caribbean and North America are so easy especially with the support of Caribbean Scholarship Providers.Students who are recruited to study in the Caribbean through scholarship providers are mainly medical students.We have good deal with medical institutions in the Caribbean for flexible partial scholarship and flexible payment options.  Most schools in the  Caribbean offer opportunities for students as they run three academic intakes in a year with sessions in January, May and September. Students who miss January intake can apply for either May or September intake. 

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Scholarship applicants can now enrol in any of these countries for their programs.

USA,Uk,Cyprus,China,Georgia,Canada,Australia,Ukraine,Russia,Holland, France and the Caribbeans.

The following bodies are recognised in our network.